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Every pastor and church leader knows the challenge of motivating and empowering 100% of the church to get involved and do 100% of the work. We also know that inspiring them with our own vision isn’t enough - people have to be gripped by their own passion for loving God and motivated by their own works of service, which God has called them to do.

A coaching approach to Christian transformation is profoundly empowering and can powerfully enhance a church leader's ability to equip their church for works of service and motivate every Christian to wholeheartedly grow their relationship with God.

I'm Richard Burwell, and in this free booklet I want to share with you why the True Home of Coaching is the Church.  

Inside I share my insights on such topics as...

  • What is coaching and why church leaders should embrace a coaching culture
  • A unique Christian perspective on personal development
  • 10 key benefits to a Christian Coaching Approach and
  • 7 key outcomes to a Church Coaching Culture

Having worked in pastoral leadership, staff management, and as a personal and professional development coach, I recognise the unique contribution that coaching methodology and practice can bring to you as you lead your Church or faith organisation. Lasting developments and comprehensive solutions begin with heart level changes in perspective and practice which affect the culture that everyone works or serves within.

Church Coaching offers such a heart level change in the way we see church and in the way we do ministry. Coaching finds its natural home in the church where everyone has a vested interest in the success of everyone else. Christian coaching is a 3 way relationship between the client/disciple, coach and Holy Spirit.  

A Christian coach uses a basic coaching approach whilst also recognising the centrality of Christ in the believer's life, the call of God on the believer's life and the role of the Holy Spirit centre stage, working through the believer's life. Coaching is a supportive collaboration which helps people to find courage, pick up their God given dreams and live with expectant faith.  

Coaching provides a powerful definition of how the Body of Christ is to be with each other and a powerful practical approach to help believers 'oneanother oneanother' and reach out beyond themselves to a hurting world.

And that's why I'm pleased to offer this free booklet to you. All you need to do is fill in your details on the right.

Whether you've already explored coaching before or are just curious to learn more, I look forward to sharing this free booklet with you.

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Richard Burwell

Referring to Richard's first book "The 5 Senses of Self", on which some of his church coaching workshops are based: Linda writes
Of great value to church leaders and of immense relevance to anyone involved in helping others be empowered and see dreams fulfilled. The coaching framework can be easily used as part of a personal or small-group discipleship programme and as part of a team building process for those in Christian ministry. The book is very readable with clear and helpful diagrams and illustrations. This is an inspiring, challenging and relevant book for anyone looking to find deeper understanding of themselves and to make sense of their life journey"
Linda Harding, International trainer, missionary, UK National Director of the Kairos Course

"Richard has a proven track record in coming alongside and genuinely seeking the best for each person. He is tireless and motivated and he possesses a great eye for detail and I have always found him to have the utmost honesty and integrity. "
Mr John Sloan BMedSci, BM BS, FRCS, FCEM Chair of Trustees for NewHope Ministries Trust (Leeds)